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Bailey Place Insurance to Acquire Tanner Ibbotson

Historic Local Companies Combine Forces; Enhance Services November 13th, 2023 - Press Release Cortland -- Bailey Place Insurance has agreed to acquire Tanner Ibbotson in a merger of two historic local businesses that...

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Defensive Driving Techniques to Avoid Accidents and Insurance Claims

If you want to reduce your risk of traffic accidents and the insurance claims that accompany them - which could cause your premium to go up - you need to drive defensively. Here are some driving tips to help you avoid...

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Why are my insurance rates going up?

Why home and auto insurance rates are continuing to rise in 2023 Thanks to an unusual convergence of market trends, ushered in by the pandemic and followed by other disruptive events, you may see a bigger change to the...

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What To Do if a Tree Falls on Your House

When severe weather and high winds threaten your neighborhood, it’s important to be prepared. Knowing what to do after a tree falls on your home could help you avoid injury, make repairs quickly, and get your home back...

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What to Look for When Buying a House to Avoid Unnecessary Insurance Claims

If you’re house hunting, you’re probably looking at many elements like the number of bedrooms or how updated the kitchen is. Don’t forget to check for these things too, which which may help avoid home insurance claims...

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Flood Myth

“My homeowners’ policy will cover me.” Speak with an insurance agent at Bailey Place Insurance to understand why this is not the case and discuss a flood insurance policy before it’s too late.

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The Quill Newsletter Spring 2023

A lot is changing in the insurance industry lately. Learn about what is driving rising insurance costs, how to prevent water damage, and about our featured customers McGraw Box Brewing, and The John Joseph Inn...

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Why Is the Personal Auto Market Deteriorating?

On Sept. 8, AM Best revised its market segment outlook for the U.S. personal auto insurance market from stable to negative. The outlook was based on a significant deterioration in carriers' results for the second...

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