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What's Maggie Been Up To?


I’ve had a busy summer. A family of ducks on the pond near our house greeted me twice a day on our walks. When we got to the pond, the mom and her 3 chicks paddled furiously to see me.  At first it was more than I could stand.  I whined and whined and wanted to jump in and chase them. Very exciting!! But then I learned to crouch down near the water and talk with them.  Then they seem to trust me – or maybe they just liked the food we fed them.  Either way, it was the best part of my day!

This is my friend, Roxy, an English Bulldog.  She visits my house sometimes.  “Look, Roxy, a rabbit.  We need to chase it.”   Roxy doesn’t understand about rabbits – she just sat and watched!

Roxy finally convinced me that as long as we had to stay on the porch, we should relax on a soft cushion and just chill. Well, OK.

Roxy was here again just the other day. I whispered to her that I would really like to show her this big red ball. I've had it for quite a while and was never really interested in it.

It's a hard ball, hard to play with, and makes a lot of noise. Didn't seem to bother Roxy. She worked on it from the top, not the side.  OH!

Boy, was I embarrassed. This is why I lose grip of the ball...I have small paws and a small jaw. Look at Roxy - she is powerful. WOW!

I specialize in chasing balls and romping in the yard, but Roxy tired me out.  I was glad to retire to our soft cushions. 'Whew, I look a mess, Roxy.'





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